The protective panel for your facade

With AMROC-PROTECT, the thermal insulation of your facade is protected against wind and any kind of precipitation during the construction phase. Therefore, you can take as much time as you want to install your facade - without damaging your thermal insulation or the substructure.
The high weathering resistance of the panel means that this protection can be permanently guaranteed. This distinguishes AMROC-PROTECT from all gypsumbased solutions.

Due to the small panel thickness of only 8 mm, quick assembly and easy cutting to size are possible. Our formats are based on a grid of 1250 mm, but other formats are also possible.

A further advantage is that our panel no longer needs to be dismantled, as it is completely rot-resistant and can remain behind the facade.

Despite its high resistance, our product is ecological and free of chemical binders. So you'll be leaving a “green footprint” on your building with all our products!

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Mounting instructions Amroc - PROTECT:

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