Cement bonded particle board - Adhesives and glues

Accounting for the AMROC panels' pH value of 11-13, the glues intended for use must be alkaline stable. The AMROC panel with sanded surface is the most suitable choice for superior adhesive joints. If a single-sided surface treatment is applied to the panels by means of an adhesive joint, a counteracting force of equal size should be applied to the back of the panels to prevent them from warping.

Application and adhesive type

Adhesives to be used for bonding ceramic materials to the entire surface of the AMROC panel:

  • Reaction resin adhesives based on a polyurethane or epoxy basis.
  • The use of a dispersion adhesive is permitted for dry environments or small dimensions.

The back side of the AMROC panel must be sealed if the room's interior side is completely covered with ceramic materials, as is the case in laboratories or sanitary facilities, thus creating a vapor diffusion barrier. Without sealing the panel back side, condensation moisture can penetrate the panels, resulting in warping. This same affect can also occur if only the back side of the panel dries out. Here as well, the panel back side should be sealed. The AMROC Color-Primed panel is recommended when bonding floating floor treatment, to avoid the single-sided penetration of moisture and the resulting warping.

Note: Panels with a sanded surface absorb moisture at a faster rate than unsanded and/or uncoated panels. For joint covering surface treatments, we recommend AMROC Color-Primed with tongue + groove, and to bond the profiled edges with glue.

Adhesives to be used for full surface bonding of the AMROC panel:

  • with each other - in dry spaces Dispersion adhesives (such as Ponal Super 3 by Henkel Bautechnik)
  • with each other - in wet spaces Single component polyurethane adhesives 1K-PUR-Leim
  • in combination with surface treatments: veneer glue, foil glue
  • in combination with floor covering : Synthetic resin dispersion

We also ask that you adhere to the adhesive manufacturer's instructions.

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